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Our mission is to bring you a healthy lifestyle and to plant a heathy concept in your mind. We will also bring you Shaolin values:"Bravery, Progress, Compassion, Consciousness."

Our  requirements for SLCC students are:

Respect your parents, respect your elders, and be friendly with everyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Follow the master’s direction. Respect the master because they care about you and you should support them when they need you.

Build strong bonds by being considerate and helpful to each other in our school.

When you finish studying Shaolin Kungfu, you will always remember your master and the Shaolin Temple.  Your master wants to be proud of you and be an important figure in your life.  


As our students, you should:

Maintain good study and work habits in order to achieve greater successes. 

Spread the values of Shaolin Kungfu and Shaolin Culture by living a moral life.

Strengthen your body and balance your mind in order to be prepared for any situation.

Be modest and preserve healthy relationships with others.

Be an honest and reliable person. 

Have a graceful appearance and be polite when in public.

Abide and support the laws and regulations of the country.

Support the ethics and public etiquette of the community.


As our students, you should not:

Abuse your fighting skills.

Hurt the country and the society you live in.

Gamble or use drugs.

Gossip and spread rumors.

Create problems by drinking.

Be arrogant.




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