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Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Kungfu was formed in the cultural environment of the Songshan Shaolin Buddhist Temple. It was historically formed faith-based to the Buddhist god. It fully embodies the wisdom of Chan Buddhism and the Wu (Kung Fu) practiced by the Shaolin monks. Shaolin Kung Fu embraces both the defensive and offensive skills of combat simultaneously though variations of routines. "Every block a strike and every strike a block". Routines can be combined allowing for a great amount of fluid combat variations. The routines were developed upon the ancient Chinese medical knowledge on the human body in the lines of human motion. It combines static and dynamic human movements which are stressed  through routines. It provides a yin and yang balance, hardness and softness both physically and spiritually.  "The chi follows the mind in harmony with the breath".  Shaolin Kung Fu is in a way, a distillation of continuous refinement, innovation and development. It forms the most natural structure in line with the movement of the body for optimal combat performance.
    Shaolin Kung Fu is composed of the manifestations of the traditional cultural system which has a complete set technical and theoretical  qualities. The qualities include: the martial art skills, the routines, the wisdom of Chan Buddhism and its culture.  Shaolin Kung Fu contains a very diversified technical system which differs greatly from the traditional "boxing" methods.  According to historical records, Shaolin Kung Fu has the highest level of technical systems in the martial arts genre. The system has been passed down for generations through the ancient Kung Fu routines which total up to several hundred different sets. It also practices another 70 different skills such as: grappling, fighting, unloading bone, acupuncture, qigong and other categories of unique exercises. The skills are taught in accordance to the degree of difficulty in which students will learn as their experience increases.
    Shaolin Kung Fu is manifested deep within the cultural connotations of the Chan wisdom. It embraces the Buddhist beliefs, including the belief in the strength and wisdom of faith. It relies in believing in the wisdom of the ancient Shaolin Kung Fu master Bodhidharma, who is the father of Chan Buddhism. Shaolin Kung Fu is the soul of Chan Buddhism. It is considered to be the original form of meditation introduced by the 6th century Indian monk Bodhidharma. It relies mainly on the Buddhist goal which is the extraordinarily divine desire to pursue wisdom. It is within these roots which sets Shaolin Kung Fu greatly apart from other martial arts. Chan, condensed by the Chinese ancient monks and outstanding literati elite group, is composed of the mysteries of the universe, the essence of life experiences and insights. As time progressed the quality of the content of the faith of Shaolin Kung Fu began to evolve into what is known, "Chan(meditation) Wu(Kung Fu)" in one system. Chan Wu became the mainstream way of thinking of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin monks attributed the arts of Kung Fu as a daily practice in order to express their Chan Buddhism beliefs. Its practices provided a thorough way of life and empowered individuals with tremendous courage and wisdom. Chan Buddhism also contains similar beliefs as to those of Christians. The five basic precepts of Buddhism included: no killing, stealing, prostitution, drinking, and lying. The five basic precepts are the foundation of the environment found within the Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Kung Fu practiced being: dapper, modest, restrained, subtle and to be composed of exquisite interior strength both mentally and physically.

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